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  • Ezviz CS-CMT-Bracket-A

      • Model: Ezviz CS-CMT-Bracket-A
      • Availability: In Stock
      • Part No: CS-CMT-Bracket-A
      • EZVIZ battery camera bracket is used for battery camera(C3A). It makes battery cameras more convenient to in-stall in different environment.
      • Get the right position to monitor every inch of your humble abode with this versatile bracket from EZVIZ. The adjustable galvanized iron ball joint bends up to 90 degrees while the swivel base turns a full 360, giving you complete freedom to perfectly frame your back gate or driveway.
  • Ezviz CS-CMT-Battery-A

      • Model: Ezviz CS-CMT-Battery-A
      • Availability: In Stock
      • Part No: CS-CMT-Battery-A
      • Devices always seem to run out of juice at the wrong moment, but when it comes to a home security network there’s never a good time to be out of power. With an additional battery for EZVIZ C3A wire-free cameras, you can be sure to keep every inch of your castle under constant surveillance.
      • This long-life, 5500mAH rechargeable unit can last up to 3 months from a single charge, giving you a handy spare just in case you need an emergency replacement.

      • Model: Ezviz CS-CMT-CHARGER A
      • Availability: In Stock
      • Part No: CS-CMT-CHARGER A
      EZVIZ Dual-battery Charging Dock, support charge two EZVIZ batteries (BL-BC-01) for C3A battery camera at the same time, Dual LED indicator, red means charging, green means full charged. Micro USB in-terface, easy to use. Multiple power protection technology, very safe.
  • Grandstream 12V/1A PSU

    The PSU-12V1AIN unit is a sealed (resin-potted) mains power supply suitable for use with RF Solutions' outdoor-rated wireless equipment.
  • Grandstream GDS37x0-RFID-RD

    The USB RFID Card Reader is available for use with the GDS3710 IP Video Door Station. This USB RFID Card reader can be installed anywhere and connect via USB to any computer running Grandstream’s free GDS Manager software to allow all RFID Card Reader activity to be tracked, monitored and managed centrally by GDS Manager. The device is fully powered through USB and offers a built-in antenna with card-seeking mode.
  • Grandstream GMC08

    The Grandstream GMC08 is a battery charging pack for the Grandstream WP820 Cordless WiFi IP Phone. It features 8 independent slots to fully charge or discharge multiple batteries simultaneously. The GMC08 offers reliable performance and efficiency thanks to built-in overvoltage, over-charge, over-current, and short-circuit management as well as leak protection.
  • D-Link DVG-5102S Telephone adapter

    This VoIP Telephone Adapter lets you allocate network resources while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). Network bandwidth management delivers smooth and clear voice communication over the Internet while increasing productivity and efficiency by tailoring your system to specific demands such as time-sensitive VoIP and multimedia applications.
  • Fanvil PD1 Foot Pedal

    PD1 pedal switch is plug-and-play and easy to deploy. By connecting PD1 to the 3.5mm interface of Fanvil's call center IP phones, users could answer or hang-up the phone call by pedal switch, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Fanvil HT101 Acoustic Shock Protection

    The Fanvil HT101 is a lightweight and comfortable single-sided headset, designed for intensive call center and office environments. Slick and innovative, the HT101 delivers a crystal clear audio experience and has a noise cancelling microphone, with a lightweight T-bar headband.