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  • D-Link DVX-8040 IP System

    2, 4 or 8 BRI ISDN ports Each port is user configurable – NT/TE Power supply for ISDN telephone sets LED status indication for each port including NT/TE status module supports three configurations: 2 ports (dual BRI) supporting 4 channels 4 ports (quad BRI) supporting 8 channels 8 ports (quad-port BRI) supporting 16 channels
  • D-Link DVX-8030 IP System

    DVX-8030 supports 1-4 port PRI (E1 or T1)/CAS/R2 module supports the D-link DVX-8010 internal E-main card . It supports 100% electronic operation (no relays) based on solid-state electronics, and TBR4-rated surge protection. Voltages and currents (supplied by the e-main control module): Logic 3.3 VDC @ up to 0.3 amp The module includes 8 RJ45 ports to support up to 4 PRI lines. Each port has a separate NT and TE connector to allow seamless operation without requiring jumper settings.
  • D-Link DVX-8025 IP System

    • These private exchange 8-port FXS modules support the D-link SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) internal DVX-8010 bus.
    • Voltages and currents (supplied by the e-main control module):
    • Logic 3.3 VDC @ up to 0.3 amp
    • Low battery voltage (off-hook) -24 to -30 Vdc @ up to 360 Milli-Ampere
  • D-Link DVX-8010 IP System

    The DVX-8010 is the control module of each Telephony module. The module communicates with the Asterisk® server, and an internal SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) to communicate with the internal Telephony modules.